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Light Patterns
4400 Brackets

High Output LED Spot lights
offer high intensity and long life

The 4400 Series of  LED Spot Lights represent the latest in LED technology.  The units are less than 40 mm thick and can fit in to tight locations where halogen spot lights can not.  The units are comprised of a large number of high intensity LED's arranged in compact circular pattern.   All units are constructed of black anodized aluminum housings with 3 pin micro-connector on rear.  The lighting elements of the 4400 series are approximately 45 mm in diameter. 


Standard 4400-SPT-R Red LED spot light

The LED lighting units are available in Amber, Green, Red or White. These units provide spot or flood illumination fields.  The units are  designed to illuminate a specific size spot at a specified distance,  this is referred to as the "working distance" and is abbreviated WD on the chart below.  The Amber and Red units are designed to operate on 12 VDC with a 1A maximum current requirement.  The Green and White units are designed for 24 VDC operation and have a 1A maximum current draw.

Shown above are the various color LED spot lights 
illuminated as viewed off-axis.

Technical Specification

Housing: Black Anodized Aluminum 
Design Current: 0.96 amps
Certification: CE component
Life Rating: 100,000 hours if pulsed at full output*
Operating Temperature: -40 to +158 F

* - LED lamps are heat sensitive devices and function as so.  The output of LED devices will degrade as a function of temperature, therefore they will loose approximately 50% of their output with operation at full output for a period of one year.  Pulsing the LED lamps, (operate at <50% duty cycle) will increase their life rating to 100,000 hours. 

Click here to see the illumination Patterns of LED spot lights.

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