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Phoenix Imaging offers

ShaPix 3-D Surface Analysis System

Phoenix Imaging now represents the latest technology in

Digital Holographic High-Definition Defect Detection & Metrology Systems

ShaPix technology is used to precisely measure the surface topology (depth (z-axis) measurements) on flat structures.  The primary use is to determine flatness over large area such as the deck face on engine blocks, heads, transmission plates, engine components where seal integrity is critical.

Imagine using millions of laser micrometers to examine a surface and then map the information so that it can be interrupted visually.  The use of millions of laser micrometers would not only be cost prohibitive but impractical to implement.  The ShaPix technology provides a feasible alternative to very slow contact methodologies with better accuracy.  This exciting new technology has required millions of dollars of investment and many man-year's of development to complete.  This is not an inexpensive vision solution with basic solution costing >$250K.

Pseudo-color image of ShaPix data map of engine block deckface.

However, the result is impressive and it provides insight into industrial applications that have not been possible to date.  Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the potential of your application.  For additional information see the following link ShaPix Specifications.

The baseline ShaPix Surface Analysis System includes two major units, the sensor head unit and the electronics unit.  A variety of sensor head bases and peripheral options are also available.  The Baseline systems include high-definition surface global and zone flatness and waviness surface metrology functions as well as multi-view surface stitching.  Lateral defect detection and measurement accuracy is specified for the specific ShaPix Surface Analysis System that is ordered (request specifications tables).  The complexity of the inspection system requires that all desired defect detection and measurement functionality must be ordered at the time of the original system order and can not be field retrofit.  Phoenix Imaging is your ShaPix Surface Analysis System representative for applications involved in Aerospace, Automotive, and Fuel Cell Technologies.

Performance Specifications    
Maximum data points per view   up to more than 4 million      
Maximum views combinable per surface   unlimited
Measurement time per view   1 minute or less/per surface view
Working depth of measurement (Z)   1 centimeter or more
Working Volume (Part/Assembly Size) Accommodated   up to 750mm x 750mm x 660 mm
Basic height (Z) repeatability   < 1 micron
Basic height (Z) accuracy   < +/- 1 micron
Lateral (X-Y) field of view (various models)   300 mm x 300mm, 200 mm x 200 mm,
  100 mm x 100 mm, or 50 mm x 50 mm 
  combinable into any larger areas
Lateral (X-Y) accuracy    
Extended feature presence location, size   +/- 15, 8, 5 or 3 microns ( 3 sigma)
(e.g., holes, edges relative to datums) for feature area   > 1 mm2, 0.5 mm2, 0.3 mm2 or 01.mm2
Point feature detection (e.g., porosity) for 95% Pd   1 mm2, 0.5 mm2, 0.3 mm2, or 0.2 mm2
Environmental Specifications    
Ambient operating temperature   15-35 degrees C
Humidity   5-95% relative, non-condensing
Supply voltage   115V or 230V AC +/- 5%;
  50Hz or 60Hz +/- 2%

Note: Micron-level defect detection and metrology using any methods or devices whatsoever must take into account the various static and dynamic physical effects which inherently affect the actual dimensions and observability of the parts and assemblies that are to be processed.  These include vibration, shock and differential thermal effects.

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