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New Product or Process?

Phoenix Imaging provides Consulting Services to a wide range of industries.  The Consulting Services are designed to help a perspective client understand the capability of machine vision equipment and software as it may be applied to solving a unique inspection problem.  

The Service is most helpful in the development of a new applications that must be technologically "proven" as viable.  When a product or process is new, it is difficult to investigate "similar" applications.  The machine vision solution may involve much more than simple implementation of "off-the-shelf" hardware.  The solution may involve the development of new lighting techniques, special optics or even a new software tool to extract relevant information.

It is a common practice before the issue a purchase order for a "Turn-Key" product to demonstrate the capability of a machine vision system.  However, there are times when the demonstration requires the sales / engineering staff to provide a protracted effort.  When the application requires more than the simple investigation of the system's capabilities a Consulting Contract must be considered.

The Consulting Services may be contracted by the day or by project.  The Consulting Service can be performed by an Application Engineer or a Staff Scientist, the fees are appropriate to the level of expertise required.

Key Benefits

  • Detailed proposals are generated during extended Consulting Contracts.
  • The viability of new inspection technique or system is demonstrated.
  • Rapid deployment of machine vision technology is achieved using skilled engineering resources.
  • Most "In-Plant" demonstrations are covered for a nominal Consulting Fee.
  • Reduce the risk of purchasing "doomed" machine vision equipment or software from sales organizations with little or no practical experience.


Phoenix Imaging started as a machine vision consulting firm in 1985.  With over twenty years of practical machine vision experience we have developed the "know-how" to develop and implement a wide range of technologies.  We can help you develop the proper front-end optics, select the best lighting approach and customize software for a complete solution, select the optimum image processing equipment, generation of standard and custom software.

Front-End Optics and Lighting Solutions
Phoenix Imaging offers an extensive selection of machine vision sensors, lenses and lighting system.  A a matter of fact Phoenix Imaging provides the widest offering of OEM lighting systems anywhere.  Most of our high quality illumination systems were developed out of the needs of specific customer requirements.  Check out entire lighting system product line under Lighting Products.
Standard Machine Vision Products
Phoenix Imaging offers a complete line of machine vision systems.  Starting with the most basic "PVS-30" system, designed for simple high speed applications such as in-line bottle inspections, electronic components inspection and feature presence.
The PVS-60 systems designed for industrial Optical Character Recognition (OCR) projects that simple smart camera system can not perform reliably. This system is based on the proven passive backplane / single board computer (SBC) design that stands up well in industrial environment.  The system uses the Windows 7 Professional operating system and allows easy integrations in the manufacturing plant.
The PVS-80 is a special configuration industrial image processing unit designed for high speed inspection using a dedicated image processor.  These system are based on the the latest generation Intel multi-core processors and implement Window 7 Profession OS.  The system is small enough for integration into customer systems and handle a wide range of applicationsThe system is provided with a Standard Image Processing Library, a Vision Scripting Language (creates vision algorithms without low level coding) and the VisionMaker™ image processing and algorithm development tool.  Standard system configuration is a NEMA type 1 enclosure.
The PVS-100 provides the ultimate in flexibility and speed.  These system are designed for customers that require custom operator interfaces and special features.  The system uses the Windows 7 Profession operating system and can be programmed in any of the Visual Studio programming languages.  The system is based on the the latest generation Intel multi-core processors with 4 GB memory and massive industrial 500 GB hard drives.  The system is pre-packaged in a NEMA type 12 enclosure for easy integration into customer applications.  The PVS-100 system is designed to handle a wide range of applications and can be found in Phoenix Imaging AVSIS™ Surface Inspection SystemsThe system includes a Standard Image Processing Library, a Vision Scripting Language (creates vision algorithms without low level coding) and the VisionMaker™ image processing and algorithm development tool.  Standard system configuration is a NEMA type 12 enclosure, AC or Vortec cooling options are available.
Software Tools and Operator Interface Design
Phoenix Imaging is different than most machine vision providers in the fact that we generate our own image processing tools.  The fact is that most machine vision suppliers don't generate their own tools, they simply implement tools created by someone else.  Phoenix Imaging creates dynamic link libraries (DLL) and Active-X controls (vision tools) that can be customized for specific customer requirements.  The Phoenix Imaging "VisionMaker" development system offers over 300 image processing functions that can be arranged in a nearly infinite number of ways.  This allows us to create vision algorithms that function as required.
System Integration and Robotic Cell Design
Phoenix Imaging will provide complete inspection system design and build for applications that require material handling and part placement.  We work with material handling companies to insure that the proper components are being sourced and that they meet project specifications.  We provide a wide range of material handling system with pick and place or robotic load into inspection cells.  Offer  components can be hand loaded onto indexing conveyors or dial tables and then automatically unload using pick and place or robotic assist.  No parts are to large or too small for inspection and the positioning equipment to insure proper presentation.


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