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Turn-Key Integration or 
Specific Inspection Modules

Phoenix Imaging provides machine vision solutions that work.  The level of integration services can be specified at the beginning of a project.  Whether the application is an original equipment manufacturer, the installation of standard components or the development of complete Turn-Key project, we offer the correct machine vision solution.  Phoenix Imaging provides components (sensors, lenses, cables, lighting equipment, machine vision systems and integration services.

We discuss the customer application in detail to understand the exact project requirements.  In many cases a sub-contract (project) will be taken to investigate new applications and determine feasibility of a procedure or technique.  For large gauging applications that require the development of a repeatable and reproducible instrument we will design and test the software performing the desired inspection task.  The projects that require the machine vision system to pass a Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) it will be performed on sample components prior to the actual build of equipment.  This is a Phoenix Imaging performance guarantee that few other machine vision companies will match.  Phoenix Imaging  routinely designs and builds applications that isolate micron size imperfections,  machines with this capability require extremely accurate component positioning.


Key Benefits

  • Wide Selection of Standard Components and Sensors
  • Machine Vision Systems for a wide range of applications
  • Single Source for Turn-Key Machine Vision Projects
  • Products and Solutions That Work!


Phoenix Imaging is a supplier of machine vision components to distributors, value added resellers and end-users.  Depending on the specific customer requirements, we can supply the level and type component to meet your needs.  Our engineering and manufacturing staff is capable of support your immediate project requires.

We can take your application from the concept phase, through design and fabrication.  The product can be a simple as a laboratory evaluation system or as complicated a final inspection system implemented on-line in the manufacturing plant.

Most of the machine vision supplies are off-the-shelf components and can be shipped the same day.  Many of the specialty lighting products are shipped within 5 working days.  Standard configuration machine vision systems are available within 3 to 4 weeks of receiving an order.  Delivery time for Turn-Key applications depend on the complexity and number of systems integrated.


Concept and Feasibility
Phoenix Imaging can provide proposal and engineering consulting services to develop automated inspection technology.  All applications undergo a engineering review to demonstrate capability.  The level of demonstration is dictated by the project.  Proposal quotations are provided free of charge and require an adequate number of evaluation samples from the customer.  Budgetary quotations are free of charge and require a minimal number of evaluation samples.
Design and Fabrication
Phoenix Imaging provides complete design and fabrication services for awarded projects.  Most small projects use standard Phoenix Imaging products and require no or minimal revisions for use.   Larger projects typically involve the use of standard and custom products.  Engineering reviews are required before and during special component fabrication.
Integration, Installation and Training
Phoenix Imaging will integrate products manufactured by us and by those of other vendors as the project requires.  The customer may specify special products if required for successful implementation of the application.  We provide on-site set-up and/or supervision as required.  All Phoenix Imaging products are provided with the appropriate level of training and documentation.


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