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IV-S30 Specs
Low Cost IV-S30J

IV-S30 Vision System Family


The IV-S30 family of image processing products provide machine builders and designers a powerful multiple camera solution at a attractive price point.  The systems' can be designed for operation with either one or two progressive scan CCD sensors.  The cost of the second sensor is around $800 US.  The IV-S30 family offers 8 channels of digital inputs and 8 channels of digital outputs along with a built-in PLC for system control.  The PLC has 8 Timers, 8 Counters and 109 user accessible auxiliary relays to aid in the control of other devices in the system.  In addition the system provides a calculator function for the conversion of units from one format to another.  For example, the conversion of pixels to millimeters or number of pulses required to rotate a part to a reference position.

There are four members in the IV-S30 family.  Each offers special capabilities at their price point and all offer exceptional value.  The IV-S family is designed for machine builders and internal system integrators.  The IV-S product packaging offers a compact size with a footprint of 130 mm x 100 mm.  The units are extremely energy efficient and operate at 24 VDC (most units use less than 8 watts at full load, excluding DI/O requirements).

All units have 2 serial ports, one for remote programming pendant and the other for external communications.  The IV-S 30 family also provides a USB port for communications to external devices or programming via a laptop for the upload/download of programs, data or images.

All IV-S systems provide Progressive Scan video inputs (the system has 2 inputs allowing simultaneous capture from both sensors).  The sensor has an adjustable electronic shutter, the range covers 1/30 to 1/10,000 in fine increments.

IV-S31 Base Processor

Base Processor Price (Q1)     $3,600

The IV-S31 stores 16 programs, 2 serial + USB port. The alignment tool corrects for X,Y translation as well as 90 of image rotation.

IV-S32 (Corrects for X,Y & 360 image alignment)

Base Processor Price (Q1)     $4,100

The IV-S32 stores 32 programs, 2 serial + USB port, and stores upto 8 "No Good" images for setup and review.  The alignment tool corrects for X,Y translation as well as 360 of image rotation.

IV-S33 (High Speed Image Processor)

Base Processor Price (Q1)     $4,300

The IV-S33 stores 64 programs, 2 serial + USB port,  and stores up to 8 "No Good" images for setup and review.  The alignment tool corrects for X,Y translation as well as 360 of image rotation.  This system also supports Double Speed cameras for faster acquisition.  With the optional IV-S30EA1 camera converter the IV-S33 can utilize standard EIA format CCD cameras.

It is now possible to inspect every item in a production run, thanks to high-speed processing!

High-speed camera offers double and quadruple speeds. SHARP's unique partial-image capture function and high-speed gray search function provide higher overall speed. This system can inspect approximately 5,000* pieces per minute (using the IV-S33M/MX controller). Such high speed makes it possible to inspect all the chips or parts in a production lot.

* - The total processing times above are true when the measurement conditions are: a 64 x 64 model; a 160 x 160 search, contraction is set to 3; the shutter speed is 1 ms; and a partial image that is 33% of the total image area is specified.

Conventional EIA (data) cameras can be used with the IV-S33 controller

The IV-S33M/MX controller can connect two EIA specification cameras using a converter. Just by replacing the controller in the image processing section, you can achieve high-speed processing at decreased cost.

IV-C35M (Color Image Processor)

Base Processor Price (Q1)     $4,900

The IV-C35M stores 64 programs, 2 serial + USB port, and stores up to 8 "No Good" images for setup and review.  This system also supports both Color and standard monochrome cameras or one of each.  


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