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Parameter setting support software for IV-S51M series,

This support software can be used for management and analysis of inspection results.

The set parameters can be read out.

Equipped with data collecting function that forwards measured data and NG images to upward computer. Forwarded screen view can be read out. Equipped with version upgrade function.

System Requirements:

    Operating System: The environment where Windows 2000/XP/98 can be operated.

    Computer Type: IBM PC/AT or compatible machines

    Processor: Pentium 500 MHz or better

    Memory: 128 MB or more

    Free Storage Space: 30 MB or more free space

    Interface: A mouse or pointing device compatible with the Windows 2000/XP/98 environment.

    Monitor: Resolution: 800 ~ 600 pixels (Recommended: 1024 ~ 768 dots), 65,000 colors

Printer: A printer compatible with the Windows 2000/XP/98 environment

Equipped with Ethernet interface

VISUAL STATION is equipped with Ethernet interface that allows fast communication to upward personal computer. You can see measured data and NG images at a personal computer which is located away from the inspection site. Parameter setting support software (IV-S51 SPM) can be installed at a personal computer.


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