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Sharp IV-S51 M Controller Specifications

The table below provides detailed information as to the inspection system capabilities.  The IV-S51 M is a monochrome compact vision system which allows the use of both standard or double speed sensors.

Image Processing Capabilities:

Image sampling system Monochrome 256 gray level
Image memory One screen for one captured image per camera
No. of assignable object type 64 object types
No. of camera to be connected Up to 2 cameras
Image processing Gray, binary conversion

capture time

Standard camera 33.3 ms
High speed camera 16.7 ms (full mode), 8.3 ms (half mode)
Gray search time 8ms (model: 64~ 64, search area: 256~ 256, when the speed is prioritized)
Rotation correction time 142 ms (conditions: 360~ , freeze, priority on speed, size 128~ 64, search area 512~ 480)
Gray search, edge detection precision Sub-pixel
Gray image


Gray level change Histogram widening
Noise elimination Smoothing (average/ center)
Outline extraction Edge extraction (primary differentiation, secondary differentiation), horizontal edge, vertical edge
Binary threshold value Fixed and threshold value correction (variation difference/variation rate)
Expansion, and


area filter

Expansion~contraction~contraction ~ expansion,

contraction ~ expansion ~ expansion ~ contraction, space filter

Positional correction method X/Y correction, rotation correction


Rectangle, circle, oval, polygon, and free shape
Inspection program tools Position detection Object:1. single workpiece, 2. multiple work pieces can be processed simultaneously

Output: coordinate

Position &

attitude angle

Object: 1. single workpiece, 2. multiple workpieces can be processed simultaneously

Output: coordinate, angle

Shape degree of

match inspection

Object: 1. single workpiece, 2. multiple workpieces can be processed simultaneously

Output: Degree of match

Point sensor Output: yes or no
Existence of work

and size inspection

Measurement: 1. no individual workpiece, 2. individual workpiece Output: area
Workpiece counting Object: 1. all the workpieces, 2. designated workpieces Output: number of object detected
No. of projected parts

and alignment

The number of projected parts, interval, width (point alignment)
Distance & angle


Object: 1. single workpiece, 2. multiple workpieces can be processed simultaneously

Output: distance (between 2 points/X coordinate/Y coordinate),

angle (3 points/2 points against vertical line/2 points against horizontal line)

Workpiece dimension


Output: number of workpiece, total area, area for each label, diameter

of the projection width, circumference length, main axes angle

Number of measurement


Maximum 8 measurements/type (measurement item 0 - camera 1, measurement item 0 - camera 2, and measurement item 1 ~ 6)


Four basic operations (~ ,~ , ~ , ~ ), root, absolute value, TAN, ATAN, maximum, minimum, average, and total
NG image memory function Maximum 128 images (8 whole scenes)
Calendar/timer Year, month, day, hour, minute and second
Optical system



Image adjustment 1 1. Focus adjustment, 2. contrast adjustment
Image adjustment 2 1. Image distortion diagnosis & compensation, 2. calibration


Interface Properties:

Other functions Displaying measuring time, monitoring illuminance, switching language

between Japanese and English, running screen lock

function, and change image display (through/freeze)

Image processing procedure

automatic generating expert

(binary processing)

Object: position detection, position & attitude angle, size inspection,

workpiece count inspection, distance & angle measurement,

workpiece dimension measurement, and defect inspection

Micro PLC


Auxiliary relays Internal auxiliary 1024 points (C0 ~ C1023), system auxiliary 64 points (S0 ~ S63)
Timer 16 points (TM0 ~ TM15), timer setting range (0.01 ~ 9.99 seconds), (down counter)
Counter 16 points (CN0 ~ CN15), counter setting range (1 ~ 999 seconds), (up counter)
IPU external


Parallel interface Input: 16 points (X0 ~ X15), DC12/24V 7mA (DC 24V)

Output: 16 points (Y0 ~ Y15) DC12/24V 80mA (open corrector)

Serial interface RS232C/RS422(2-wire/4-wire system), (2.4 ~ 115.2kbps) upward calculator, PLC
Extension terminal RS-232C/RS-422 (2-wire system only)
Computer link Compatible with SHARP, OMRON, Mitsubishi, and Yokokawa models.

start input

Internal trigger CCD trigger
External trigger Trigger input (parallel interface), serial trigger, and manual trigger (for testing)
Power supply


+24V, 0V FG
Parallel interface Common for input: 1 point
Interrupt input (trigger) 1 point
Input 15 points
Common for output: 1point
READY 1 point
HALT output 1 point (interlocking with watchdog timer)
Output 16 points


Control function Dimmer function, lamp ON/OFF (LED), shutter ON/OFF (halogen)
Number of control 4 systems, 2 controls/1 system
Control port Parallel I/F or RS-232C/RS-422


supply consumption


DC24V (~ 10%) 30W
Operation ambient atmosphere temperature 0 ~ 45 /35 ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
Storage ambient atmosphere temperature - 20 ~ 70 /35 ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
External dimension/weight 81 mm (W) ~ 125mm (D) ~ 175 mm (H) (protruding portions are not included),

a pprox. 1.5 k g

HMI External


USB host USB 1.1 specification, 2 channel
LAN 10/100 base-TX
Image output VGA output port 1 point, IV LCD monitor output 1 point
Operation input Touch panel, and commercially available USB mouse
Image output SVGA (800~ 600~ 24b pp) analog output

IV LCD monitor (800~ 600~ 18bpp) digital output


Click here to download PDF Specification Document

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