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PVS-30 & PVS-30-M1 Compact
Image Processing System

The PVS-30 Machine Vision System is similar to the PVS-20 compact machine vision system but offers more processing power and additional tools.

Show above is the PVS-30-M1, Standard Configuration includes a built-in 10.4" TFT flat panel display packaged in a NEMA-4 enclosure.

The PVS-30 features state-of-the-art technology at half the price of comparable systems. The system offer 256 level grayscale processing as well as the more common binary processing. The PVS-30 can use two 1/3-inch format Progressive- Scan sensors.  The system has two camera inputs and allows two images to be acquired simultaneously! The PVS-30 also includes a programmable logic controller with 8 inputs, 8 outputs and a dedicated "ready" line. There are 8 internal count-down timers and 8 internal count-down counters. 

PVS-30 family of image processors has been expanded to better match the application to image processor.

The PVS-30 family a complete line of image processor to handle a wide range of inspection applications.  The processing family consist of the IV-S31, IV-S32, IV-S33 and the IV-S35 (color).  Each processor offer a special feature set and price point to help you match the processing power to the specific application.  The entire family of IV-S30 products offers the capability to support 2 cameras and a built-in PLC to condition digital input/output signals.

PVS-30 Image processor (Standard Configuration)
[other processor configurations available for additional cost]

IVS-32 (Hitachi SH4 chipset, 200 MHz CPU, 100 MHz bus)

Feed-through video signal (NTSC) & On-Screen Menu Programming

Processing can be either 256 grayscale of binary.

Region of Interest can be Circular, Ellipse or Rectangular in shape.

Image processing tools allow Sub-pixel measurement Accuracy, High Speed Pattern Matching, Part Rotation Correction (PVS-20 90, PVS-30 360), Edge Calipers and Blob Analysis.

Built-in light level meter that provides low light alarm and automatic threshold adjustment.

The image processor incorporates hardware for fast normalized correlation operations.

All programming functions are performed "On-line" so that you can "see" the results of parameter adjustments in real-time. Inspection results may be displayed on the external monitor.

The PVS-30 series image processors offer the control engineer an attractive alternative to more expensive PC based machine vision systems or less than reliable intelligent sensors. The system is packaged for industrial applications in a heavy duty NEMA type 4 or type 12 enclosure with forced air cooling or air conditioning. The PVS-30 product includes all the necessary components require for system installation.  PVS-30 series products can be removed from their shipping containers and mounted in the plant environment without modification.

Physical Specifications of PVS-30-M1 NEMA-4 Enclosures

PVS-30-M1 "Small" Enclosure

Height 16" x Width 20" x Depth 9", Weight approximately 45 lbs.

Power Requirements: 100-125 VAC, 48-65 Hz., 1, less than 3A exclusive of external I/O.

Standard System Configuration for PVS-30

PVS-30 Image sensors

The PVS-30 sensors offer detachable sensor cables.  The cables are offered in several different lengths to meet application requirements.  The standard cable lengths (typically a stock item) are 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 15, and 20 meters.

Progressive Scan video inputs (the system has 2 inputs allowing simultaneous capture from both sensors).  The sensor has an adjustable electronic shutter, the range covers 1/30 to 1/10,000 in fine increments. The electronic shutter feature allow the system capture moving objects without the use of a strobe light and the progressive scan feature insures that the image does not stair step or shear. The 1/3 inch format sensor incorporates 8m square pixels providing 512 x 480 resolution, readout can be either full frame or partial area.

The sensors may be mounted in optional PVS-30-ENC1 or ENC2 Sensor enclosures. The enclosures provides a convenient environmental enclosure that allows easy mounting and lens adjustment.  The enclosures are a completely sealed "clam shell" design with a 2" borosilicate window.

PVS-30-ENC1 "Small" sensor Enclosure

Operator Manual and Training Services:

Phoenix Imaging provides operator and hardware manuals with the purchase of every PVS-30 system. 

Installation and Training Services:

Integration and training services may be purchased at standard Phoenix Imaging rates.

SHARP is a trademark of Sharp Manufacturing Systems Corporation, Japan

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