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Machine Vision Software Support Services

Phoenix Imaging provides integration services for the all products that we sell and service.  The integration may be for an intelligent machine vision sensor or for a complete turn-key inspection system.  Many machine vision applications can be performed using off-the-shelf hardware and software.  However, there are applications that require custom application software.

Most turn-key applications require the design of a user specific operator interface or data presented in a particular format.  Phoenix Imaging offers integration services that include the design of a unique software to meet customer requirements.  The VisionMaker™ Development environment provides Active-X controls that can be used in the Microsoft Visual Studio.  The most common development languages supported are Visual Studio (2012 or higher) and Visual C++ (2012 or higher).  The Visual Studio (C++ or C#) is the Phoenix Imaging language of choice for the creation of special operator interfaces because it is easy to implement changes.

Key Benefits

  • Unique Operator Interface to meet your specific requirements.
  • Easy to use controls provide a simplified learning curve.
  • Applications can be designed to incorporate special hardware and software.


Phoenix Imaging offers several hardware platforms for machine vision applications.  The Windows™ based applications are all created using the VisionMaker™ Development environment and Visual Studio or Visual C++.  The VisionMaker™ package has the same look and feel regardless of the the hardware platform selected.  This allows the customer to scale to to a faster platform with little or no changes required to the operator interface.

Algorithm Development
The success of a machine vision application is largely dependent on the algorithm used to extract the information from an image.  The goal of a "Good" machine vision algorithm is to provide reliable results with the simplest form of image processing function.  Often novice machine vision developers will create elaborate algorithm to accomplish the inspection task.  Typically the more elaborate the algorithm the longer the cycle time and the greater the chance of error under changes in environmental conditions.  Only the best machine vision developers can created robust applications with what appear to be simple algorithms.  These are Phoenix Imaging algorithms and they show it in their performance and accuracy!  We offer algorithm development services as part of an turn-key project or as a simple consulting contract.  If you have an application that requires more than the "simple" solution ask us to investigate it, it could save you both time and money!
Operator Interface Development
The Operator Interface is the portion of the machine vision system that the customer experiences more than 90% of the time.  It is necessary that the application present the information that is most important to customer in a logical manner.  Phoenix Imaging will design the Operator Interface (sometimes referred to as the Human-Machine-Interface or HMI) with your specific requirements in mind.  Typically one or more design reviews provide amble opportunity for customer input as to the look and feel of the interface.  The customer may add of delete items that important to the perceived operation of the machine vision system.  Phoenix Imaging offer a wide selection of standard and custom tools to help relay the desired information. Whether the information is formatted in Table form, Chart form or by visual indicators the user will "understand" the importance of the message.
    Simple and Practical HMI for multiple sensor system.


    Graphical Inspection History HMI
The customer also has the option to design and create their own operator interface using Visual Studio programming languages and our extensive image processing library and a complete set of vision controls.  Every Windows™ based Phoenix Imaging machine vision system includes the VisionMaker™ Development System as part of the package, the design-time and run-time licenses are included with nothing extra to purchase(1).
Total System Design and Implementation 
Sometimes the Design of a machine vision system requires more than just an image processing component.  Approximately one-half of all the applications implemented by Phoenix Imaging require multiple technologies.  Phoenix Imaging has experience with A/D components, CCD sensors, digital I/O components, illumination systems, image processing components, laser micrometers, material handling components, operator interfaces, and many more technologies. One or more of these technologies may be required to provide a complete inspection system.  Sure we are the image processing experts and we manufacture the best illumination systems available anywhere, but we also understand what is required to extract the information that the customer is requires.  Do not be mislead by "automation" experts that have "done vision jobs before".  When you need machine vision and you need the application done right, come to the experts, come to Phoenix Imaging.

(1) Customer most supply or purchase a copy of Visual Studio in order to create applications using the VisionMaker™ Development System.

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