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VPM - Vision Program Manager

There are more than 120 advanced, powerful tools in VPM. These tools include Optical Character Recognition, blob analysis, circle gage, circular pattern find, line find, sub-pixel gauging and many others tools that help you create vision and optical character recognition programs to suit a broad range of applications. A flexible, configurable operator panel is built into VPM so inspection data and pass/fail results can be displayed at the touch of a button, right within your inspection application. VPM's advanced 'drag-and-drop' programming interface makes it especially user-friendly.


  • An intuitive Windows and icon-based environment, with drag-and-drop programming

  • More than 120 standard tools handle any Measurement, Surface Flaw, Optical Character Recognition, Guidance, Logic, or Communication task

  • Tool Setups allow step-by-step tool configuration without programming

  • More than 30 optional Composite Tools are available for customized application solutions

  • Emulator support allows you to create and test inspection applications without a camera connection

  • Supports lens calibration and scale factor conversion, as well as coordinate transforms for robotic applications

  • Third party support for Serial, TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, ActiveX, and OPC Communications

  • A built-in, auto-generated Display panel provides a basic, complete operator interface

  • The full-size image display uses graphic area overlays

  • An enhanced Image Buffer Viewer allows you to view and save recently inspected images

  • You have one-click access to tool names, inspection settings, results, controls, and charts

  • Inspection tool settings can be edited while the inspection is online

The real advantage of using VPM with PVS-80 image processor is the ability to quickly modify applications development in the laboratory when installed in a factory setting.  It is often the case where conditions in the development area are not the same as those found in the plant environment.  The VPM allows the development team to include parameters that are used in vision algorithms to be modified without direct access to the program code.  This prevents accidental changes in the vision algorithm that may cause an application to become non-functional while allowing changes to parameters that that might need a slight adjustment.

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