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Phoenix-OPT Flat Panel Back Lights (5100 Series - FL)

5100-Series of Flat Panel Back Lights are ideal for illumination for generation of product silhouette or diffuse front illumination.

The Flat Panel Back Lights can be used in pairs where diffuse front lighting is required.  The Back Lights are available in several visible colors as well as infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths.  The most popular Back Light colors are White, Red, Green and Blue in the visible spectrum.

The 5100 series of backlights are manufactured as either Bottom Ray (SMD LED on flat panel that lay parallel to front surface of diffuser) or Side Ray (LED are mounted around the perimeter of the lamp housing and illuminate a special diffusing panel).  These lights in most cases are lower cost than competitive units and have the finest construction in the industry.  If you haven't used these lamps in an automation project you should give them an opportunity and you will be impressed!


5100 Series Product List

  Model Watts | Orientation Colors Dimensions
Back   5100-FL3530 24V/1.4W Bottom ray 35×30×8
Lights   5100-FL3729 24V/1.4W Bottom ray 37×29×16
    5100-FL3730 24V/1.4W Bottom ray 37×30
    5100-FL4040 24V/2.1W Bottom ray 40×40×8
        and side    
    5100-FL5050 24V/2W Bottom ray 50×50×8
    5100-FL6060 24V/5.3W Bottom ray 60×60×55
    5100-FL7070 24V/2.6W Bottom ray 70×70×8
    5100-FL9067 24V/4.6W Bottom ray 90×67×14
    5100-FL9090 24V/3.2W Bottom ray 90×90×8
    5100-FL10884 24V/2.4W Bottom ray 108×84×8
    5100-FL130130 24V/4.1W Side ray 130×130×8
    5100-FL130130 24V/10.5W Bottom ray 144×126×16
    5100-FL150150 24V/8.5W Bottom ray 150×150×16
    5100-FL162111 24V/8.9W Bottom ray 162×111×16
    5100-FL198154 24V/4.8W Side ray 198×154×8
    5100-FL198154 24V/14.5W Bottom ray 198×154×8
    5100-FL200200 24V/5.4W Side ray 200×200×8
    5100-FL200200 24V/19W Bottom Ray 230×212×16.5
Back   5100-FL212152 24V/4.8W Side ray 212×152×17
Lights   5100-FL212192 24V/9.5W Bottom ray 212×192×18
    5100-FL250250 24V/6.7W Side ray 250×240×8
    5100-FL250250 24V/23W Bottom ray 250×250×16
    5100-FL27792 24V/2.9W Side ray 277×92×9
    5100-FL27792 24V/14.8W Botton ray 277×92×16
    5100-FL300122 24V/4.1W Side ray 300×122×9
    5100-FL300122 24V/4.1W Bottom ray 300×122×9
    5100-FL300300 24V/8.2W Side ray 300×300×8
    5100-FL300300 24V/28W Bottom ray 300×300×16
    5100-FL350250 24V/9.2W Side ray 350×250×16
    5100-FL350250 24V/9.2W Bottom ray 350×250×16
    5100-FL440160 24V/9.6W Side ray 440×160×11
    5100-FL440160 24V/30W Bottom ray 440×160×16

5100-Series of Flat Panel Backlights can be customized to meet your exact requirements, call for information.

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