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Specifications of IV-C35M controller

Image sampling system

16,770,000 colors, 256 level gray scale, binary conversion, edge detection

Number of pixels

512 (horizontal) x 480 (vertical), approx. 240, 000 pixels

Image memory

One screen for displaying captured images. One color screen for displaying camera information and messages

No. of assignable object type


Maximum number of reference images stored / number of whole screens stored

600 / 8 screens

Gray search time

9ms *1

Gray search, edge detection precision

Pixel, sub-pixel

Image processing

Color filter (R, G, B, and optional)

Color extraction (hue, saturation, and brightness)

Gray search

Color image pre-processing

Saturation correction

Adjust saturation level

Brightness correction

Adjust brightness level

Gray image pre-processing

Shading correction

Dividing, subtracting, and filtering

Comparative calculation between images

Subtracting, absolute value of difference (between camera 1 and reference image, between camera 2 and reference image, between camera 1 and camera 2)

Gray level changes

Magnification by "n" processing g(+/-) correction, histogram expansion, mid-range emphasis

Space filter

Smoothing (center/average), edge emphasis, edge extraction, horizontal edge, vertical edge

Binary threshold value

Fixed and threshold value corrections (variation difference/variation rate)

Binary noise elimination

Expansion to contraction, contraction to expansion, area filter

Binary image mask

Specified window (rectangle, circle, oval), any binary image mask

Positional correction method

X/Y correction, rotation correction

Number of measurement programs

Maximum 6 per object type (measurement 0 - camera 1, measurement 0 - camera 2, measurements 1 to 4) *2

Window shape

Rectangle, circle, oval (when using area measurement by binary conversion, object counting by binary conversion, object identification by binary conversion)

Distance and angle measurement

Measure distance (between two points, X coordinate, Y coordinate), measure angle (3 points, 2 points against horizontal line, 2 points against vertical line), auxiliary point (center, circle center, gravity center, line over 2 points, crossing point of two straight lines)

Arithmetic operation

Four basic operations (+, -, X, /), root, absolute value, TAN, ATAN, maximum, minimum, average , total.

NG image memory function

Maximum 128 images (8 whole screens)

Memory card slot

One (compatible with a 192 Mbyte capacity card)


Year, month, day, hour, minute

Other functions

Display measuring time, light level monitor function, crosshair cursor display, change display language between Japanese and English, Run screen lock function, display setting menu "yes/no", change image display (through/freeze), change image brightness (bright/dark)

Micro PLC section

Input relays

Parallel input: 8 points

Output relays

Parallel output: 8 points, general-purpose serial interface Computer link: 16 points

Auxiliary relays

128 points, special area 18 points


8 points, timer setting range: 0.01 to 9.99 seconds (countdown timer)


8 points, counter setting range: 000 to 999 (counts down)

External interface

Parallel interface

Input: 8 points, Output: 9 points

General- purpose serial interface

RS232C/RS422 (2.4 to 115.2 kbps)

Computer link

Built-in compatibility with certain SHARP, OMRON, Mitsubishi, and Yokogawa models


USB device node, 12 Mbps

Image output

1 channel, EIA 525 lines, 2:1 interlaced

Number of cameras

Maximum of 2

Compatible cameras

Color: IV-C30C5, High-speed monochrome: IV-S30C3/IV-S30C4

Make settings

Using the IV-S30RK1 remote keypad for IV series and the IV-S30SP parameter setting support software for IV series

Measurement start input

Internal trigger

Color CCD trigger, CCD trigger (gray search)

External trigger

Trigger input (parallel I/F), general-purpose serial I/F, keypad trigger (for manual measuring)

Terminal block


Number of points

8 points: One external trigger, 5 object type change, 2 exernal input

Common for input

1 point: + or - common

Rated input voltage

12/24 VDC

Input voltage range

10.8 to 26.4 VDC


Number of points

9 points: One READY, 8 user spacific logical output (Y0 to Y7)

Common for output

1 point: + or - common

Rated output voltage

12/24 VDC

Load voltage range

10.8 to 26.4 VDC

Rated max. output current

100 mA DC

Output system

MOS FET open drain system


Power terminals

2 points: 24 VDC and 0 V

Power supply voltage / power consumption

24 VDC (+/- 10%), 12W

Operating ambient temperature/humidity

Approx. 600 g

External dimensions

130 (W) x100 (D) x 42 (H) mm (excluding protruding portions)


Approx. 600 g


This is true when the search area is 256 x 256 pixels, the model is 64 x 64 pixels, and the compression is set to 3.


Measurement 0 is only used for positional deviation measurements.

Specifications of the color camera IV-C30C5

Optical system

Lens mount method

C mount

Picture taking element


Interline transmission method, 1 CCD color

Reading system

Full pixel type, partial image scanning is available


33.3 ms [full mode]


1/3 inch

No. of effective pixels

512 (horizontal) x 480 (vertical)

Pixel shape



Shutter speed (s)

Settable between for each object type, between 1/30 and 1/10,000 sec.


Random shutter


Round, 12-pin male connector

Connection to controller

Using custom camera cables (IV-S30KC3: 3 m, IV-S30KC5: 5 m)

Operation ambient temperature/ Operation ambient humidity

0 to 45 degrees / 35 to 85% RH (non-condensing)

Operation atmosphere

No corrosive gases or dust

Outside dimensions (mm)

30 (W) x 32 (H) x 40 (D)


50 g (not including the lens)

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