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IV-S Sensor Specifications

IV-S Image Sensors

IV-S30 Sensors 

The IV-S30 family offer four different CCD sensors.  All of the sensors offer progressive scan capability, that means that the entire image is acquired at the same time.  This is different than standard EIA format cameras, this format acquires the even and odd fields at different times (1/60th second between fields) in order to create an image frame.  Progressive scan sensors create excellent images of moving objects with the use of a strobe lighting system.  However, high frequency or DC illumination systems must be used which provide stable lighting conditions.

The model C1 is the standard sensor format supplied with most applications.  The 1/3 inch format sensor incorporates 8m square pixels providing 512 x 480 resolution, readout can be either full frame or partial area.  The sensor has an adjustable electronic shutter, the range covers 1/30 to 1/10,000 in fine increments. The electronic shutter feature allow the system capture moving objects without the use of a strobe light and the progressive scan feature insures that the image does not stair step or shear. The C1 sensor will acquire a full frame image in 33.3 milliseconds.  The camera body has dimensions of 30 mm (W) x 32 mm (H) x 50 mm (D).  The C1 sensor incorporates a 12 pin Hirose connector with thread lock so that the cable may be detached from the sensor.

The model C2 is a micro-head design that allows the sensor to mounted in limited space environments.  The head is 17mm in diameter and uses a special lens that screws on to the barrel.  The cable can not be disconnected from the sensor head.  It offers the same electronic capabilities as the model C1.

The model C3 is a "double speed" progressive scan sensor.  This sensor can acquire an entire image in half the time of the standard speed sensor.  The sensor acquires a complete image in 16.7 milliseconds or a half image in 8.3 milliseconds.  This is very useful feature when used in extremely high speed applications.  The model C3 has the same physical size and connections as the model C1.

The model C4 is a micro-head "double speed" progressive scan sensor.  The sensor has the same electronic capabilities as the model C3 and the physical dimensions as the model C2.


IV-S Sensor Cables

The PVS-30 sensors offer detachable sensor cables.  The cables are offered in several different lengths to meet application requirements.  The standard cable lengths (typically a stock item) are 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 15, and 20 meters.

IV-S Sensor Enclosures

The sensors may be mounted in optional PVS-30-ENC1 or ENC2 Sensor enclosures. The enclosures provides a convenient environmental enclosure that allows easy mounting and lens adjustment.  The enclosures are a completely sealed "clam shell" design with a 2" borosilicate window.

PVS-30-ENC1 "Small" sensor Enclosure

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