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SP Software Package

You can easily enter and save parameters or evaluate samples via the Internet under Windows.

The IV-S30SP is a software which supports you in doing various tasks -- including parameter setting for IV-S20/S30 image sensor cameras and management and analysis of inspection results -- on your Windows screen with ease, speed and accuracy.

  • Its offline setting function allows you to specify and change object type conditions without halting a production line.

  • Its automatic document creation function allows you to manage and save the parameter settings.

  • Its measurement data collection function can transmit measurement results from the IV-S20/S30 to a personal computer.

  • Its parameter data upload/download function enables you to send samples via e-mail for evaluation of sample measurements, and to copy data easily to other IV-S20/S30 controllers.

  • Its image data output function can print a captured image using a personal computer.

  • The IV-S20/S30 system software upgrade function allows you to upgrade the system functions and resolve problems easily.

  • The menu customization function allows you to customize the operation screens (user menu editor).

  • Use of the USB interface increases the data transfer speed dramatically (Windows98 only on the IV-S30).

Operating environment

Operating System

Windows95/98, WindowsNT4.0


IBM PC/AT or compatible machines


Pentium 90 MHz minimum (recommend Pentium 133 MHz or better)


32 M-bytes minimum (recommend 48 M-bytes or more)

Hard disk

30 M-bytes or more free space


A mouse or pointing device compatible with the Windows95/98/NT4.0 environment.


Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels (Recommended : 1024 x 768 dots), 256 color or more


A printer compatible with the Windows95/98/NT4.0 environment.

CD-ROM drive

1 set

RS-232C port

One port or more

USB port

One port recommended (In the case of IV-S30)

* The USB system can be used only under Windows 98.

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