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2040 Series Tunnel Lighting Systems for Machine Vision

One of the more popular lighting systems for the uniform lighting of large areas is known as a "Tunnel".  The name is derived from the fact that the lighting system appears like tunnel when viewed from the end.  The lighting system produces a lot of light in a confined area.  This lighting system is useful when diffuse on-axis is required but a beam splitter is not practical.

The tunnel lighting system is constructed to use two or more fluorescent tubes mounting is a channel and directed toward the top of the tunnel.  The lights are shrouded to prevent direct illumination of the object.  One or more holes are centered in the top of the tunnel for camera optics.  The tunnel itself generally takes on a hemispherical shape when viewed on the end.  This provides maximum uniformity in the illumination field.  

The tunnel can be powered by either the 2010 or 2020 power supplies.  The 2010 power supply is a high frequency driver to allow the use of electronic shutter cameras.  The 2020 power supply provides the additional stability of active closed loop feed between the lamps the power supply.

2020-SPT23 Lighting System designed for "below the component viewing".  The tunnel can be mounted in any orientation, up, down or side viewing of objects.

The tunnel lighting systems are available in a wide range of sizes.  The fluorescent tube determined the overall length of the tunnel.  Standard length tunnels (active illumination area) are 13", 23" and 30".  The 2010 series has the power supply mounted in a small NEMA 4 enclosure on the framework.  The 2020 series has the power supply mounted internally to the framework (see above photo).  All units offer M8 T-Nuts for easy attachment of the illumination system to machinery or frameworks.


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