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High Output LED Backlights
with Quick-Connections for time critical manufacturing applications

The 4500 & 4505 Series of backlights represent the latest in Phoenix Imaging LED technology.  The units are less than 12 mm thick and can fit in to tight locations that other units can not.  The units are comprised of a large number of surface mount LEDS arranged in compact squares.  The base size for these units are 30 mm on a side and may be purchased in units as large as 150 x 180 mm.








Standard 4500-60/90 & 4505-30/60 Red LED Backlight





These units provide very flat illumination fields that extent almost up to the edge of the units.  The image below shows the uniformity of the LED backlight.  The illumination is uniform up to approximately 3 mm of the edge.  The purple color does not appear when viewing the LED backlight and is an artifact of the camera used to acquire the image.  The image below illustrates the uniformity using a special optical filter.

Standard 4500-60/90 Red LED Backlight illumination field.

The 4500 series and the 4505 series are similar in exterior width and height dimensions, the 4505 series is slightly thinner.  The 4505 series does not offer a nano-change™ connector on the housing of the LED light.  The cable is attached directly to the housing and has a nano-change connector at the end of the 3M cable. 

Note: Special Size lights may be ordered at customers request.  Format requires that light
panels be constructed in 30 mm x 30 mm increments.  Please specify the desire operating
voltage (12 or 24 VDC) at time of order, optional cost may be associated with different
voltage units.  White LED backlights are not available in 4505 models.


Technical Specification

Housing: Metal Aluminum 8 or 12mm thick 
Design Current: .60 amps (small units)
Certification: CE marked 
Life Rating: 100,000 hours 
Operating Temperature: -40 to +158 F 

All dimensions in figures A-F are in millimeters

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