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VisionMaker™ ToolBox Components

Visual programming tools allow efficient application development 

The components found in the VisionMaker™ Development Package Release 5.5 are shown in the illustration below.   Each tool has a specific purpose, however some tools may have over-lapping functionality.

  • CALIBRATION TOOL provides a method of calibrating the information obtained by the image sensor (units = pixels) to the real world coordinates (units = inch/mm) and vice-versa.
  • MULTIPLE NORMALIZED CORRELATION (MNC) is useful to determine if a specific component or feature is present within a specified ROI. It is different than the (GNC) or the (GTC) in that it will identify the "best fit" correlation template and provide the X & Y position of that match.
  • AREA TOOL is used to count the number of pixels within a specified ROI. The area tool is useful to determine whether or not a part is present. It can also be used to determine if a feature is of a specified size.
  • CENTROID TOOL is useful to determine the X & Y location of the centroid of an object within a ROI, i.e., the first moment of a round, square, rectangular or any shape object in the ROI.
  • BLOB TOOL is used to determine a number of attributes about a blob or several blobs within a specified ROI. The blob tool is useful to determine the shape of a feature in the image area.
  • GOLDEN TEMPLATE TOOL (GTC) is used to compare one image within a specified ROI to another image with similar characters. The tool is primarily used to determine whether or not a pattern in a sample image is different than that of a pre-taught reference image.
  • GRAYSCALE NORMALIZED CORRELATION TOOL (GNC) is useful to determine the X & Y position of a component very precisely. It can also be used to determine the offset of various inspection windows based on the position of a reference feature. The GNC will determine the image offset to sub-pixel accuracy.
  • RULER TOOL is used to determine the position of an edge and/or object within a specified ROl window. The tool provides a number of methods to determine the distance between points, point and line and the location of the point generated by intersecting lines.
  • BRIDGE TOOL is used to determine if material is present in a region that it should not be located. The tool is very useful in isolating and measuring the relative impact of solder presence between solder pads. The tool determines bridge length, position of end points, and the size / location of islands between solder pads.
  • VIEW TOOL the primary purpose of the view tool is to provide a window in which the other tools can perform.  The view tool defines an area in which the video output from the image sensor can be displayed on the form.  The View Tool or Viewport can be thought of as a container for the other tools used in the application.
  • CURVE FITTING TOOL is used to determine the best fit to an arc, ellipse,circle or line extracted from image data. The tool can be used to accurately determine the diameter of a circle even if a portion of the circle is obscured.
  • CHORD TOOL is used to perform very fast distance or length measurements along the X or Y axis of an image. The tool allows up to 10 times more measurements to be made in the same time as a single edge detection tool. This is an excellent tool for the measurement of gap or the position of object at hundreds of measurements per second.
  • ROTATE TOOL is used to rotate an image an arbitrary angle about a point.  The other tools can be used to calculate the angle and points on the fly.


New tools are constantly added to VisionMaker™ ToolBox

A Total of 13 new tools have been added to the standard VisualBasic toolbar.  The arrangement of tools on tool bar may change slightly depending on the order in which the Active-X controls are added.   Additional tools may be added for special applications, often at the request of our customers.  The toolbar will only appear during the development phase of the project.  During the development phase the user may access any of the tools properties for calculation.  After the application has been designed and tested, it is normally built (compiled and linked) into an executable format for implementation.   In the executable form the application can not have tools added or removed.  However, tools that are present in the application can be repositioned and changed in size as required.  Even the vision algorithms associated with a tool can be changed during run-time deployment.  The vision algorithm associated with each of the tools can be changed to meet the specific requirements of a particular application, even after implementation in the field!


Special Features:

  • Easy to use ActiveX (32 bit) tools
  • Can be used in MS VisualBasic (is currently available for 32 bit tools) or MS Visual C++ environments
  • Over 150 image processing functions
  • 13 tools can be combined to provide solutions to a wide range of machine vision applications
  • Pre-defined run-time "properties" panels are provided for all tools
  • Each tool allows the user the option to generate their own image processing algorithm or to use the default vision algorithm

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